terms & conditions

SPIRAL takes pride in sourcing exquisite flowers, foliage and products for our customers. In purchasing a bespoke bouquet from www.spiralbotanicals.com.au, you acknowledge that the flowers you (or your loved one) receive will be different to what is pictured on the website. 

Flower availability is dependent on season and markets. Please call our store for on 0400 081 234 for more information on seasonal availability of flowers and foliage, and further botanical advice.  


All order requests received are an offer to purchase and are subject to acceptance by SPIRAL and any of its personnel, reserve the right, at our absolute discretion. In the event of rejection, we will refund or cancel any payments received in full, via the payment method used to place the order. Acceptance of your offer and completion of the contract between us only takes place when we start to process your order.


Every effort will be made to ensure your order will be delivered on the date selected during checkout. If this is not possible, SPIRAL will make every effort to contact the customer and provide alternate resolutions. 

Deliveries with time requirements on specific dates are available at a $25 flat rate fee. Please contact the store directly to arrange this. Otherwise, standard orders are delivered within business hours of selected date.


You can cancel single orders by giving us not less than 36 hours notice prior to the requested delivery date. In those circumstances, a full refund will be given. If a lesser period of notice is given, we will only give a refund if we have not started the preparation of your order at the time notice is given. The easiest way to cancel your order is to call 0400 081 234 or email at hello@spiralbotanicals.com.au.


Although we do our best to ensure that this never happens, it is possible that flowers may arrive at their destination damaged or fail to arrive due to an unforeseen and uncontrollable issue. Where flowers have been damaged, SPIRAL reserves the right to require the product to be returned or high quality images to be provided, so that we can determine the cause of the issue and report to our growers and suppliers. This helps ensure we continue to provide the highest quality product possible, excluding any imported product. It is important that we are contacted as soon as possible regarding any issues with your order. SPIRAL requires notification within 3 days of the delivery to ensure an effective resolution for all parties. We will, at our discretion, consider issues raised after the 3 day deadline but reserve the right to refuse the options of refunding or resending the order.


A great part of the beauty of flowers is their transient nature. Flowers are a perishable product. There are many factors that determine the lifespan of your bouquet: variety, season, environment and at home care. 

You can generally expect your bouquet to last 4-7 days, provided they are cared for correctly. The following steps will ensure your bouquet will provide maximum beauty in your home:

  1. Stems should be cut on an angle (in or under running water if possible) as soon as you receive the flowers and placed into a vase full of fresh water.
  2. Ensure the vase that is used is clean and filled full with fresh water.
  3. Always keep an eye on the water levels and change the water completely every two days.
  4. Ensure the flowers are protected from direct sunlight or air-conditioning.